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Make it easy for your customers

NCR Aloha Online and Mobile Ordering gives your customers the ability to enjoy your restaurant on their terms. Achieve higher profits, customer intelligence and brand awareness – engaging customers has never been so easy.

Customer convenience made easier

Problem: Ineffective customer interaction
Solution: Customers can control the ordering process and avoid wait times on the phone or other delays

Problem: Inconvenient and unsecure payment options
Solution: Payment information is securely stored for future orders

Problem: Order accuracy
Solution: Customer ordering and review options and integration with NCR Aloha POS increases order accuracy

Problem: Speed-of-service
Solution: Web orders are instantly distributed to the store and then routed

Problem: Brand awareness
Solution: Customized web ordering platform allows for a branded experience that resonates with your customers

  • Customers can place orders anytime, anywhere –  strengthening their connection with your restaurant
  • With both an online and mobile version of the ordering website, customers can have the same experience regardless of  their device – whether via smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Better target your customers from the powerful information collected from your customers’ online orders
  • Reduce staff labor and data input errors by moving from phone calls to an online application
  • Delivers a single stream of orders, enhancing kitchen efficiency and timely order completion
  • Remote installation ensures no interruption to your daily operations
  • The web ordering and store-level POS systems track orders continuously, ensuring that orders are actually received at the restaurant
  • Managers can monitor in-store and web orders simultaneously to deliver a superior customer experience that extends beyond the restaurant’s four walls
  • Detailed analytics and reporting tools enable operational decisions to be tailored to customer needs
  • Enables customers to order the food they want when they want it, and enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes or on the go
  • Customers can enter their payment information as part of the web order and store it for later use, speeding up the transaction and making it more convenient for their next web order
  • The graphic design, food images and menu ordering content, as well as specific store settings and features, can be customized to create better brand awareness 
  • Integrated tightly with NCR Aloha POS enabling fast and accurate customer transactions
  • Integration with both NCR Aloha Loyalty and NCR Customer Voice applications
  • Using NCR Sticky Media enables easy labeling and accurate order tracking from the kitchen to the customer, decreasing errors