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NCR Labor

NCR Labor provides restaurant operators with all the tools they need to manage staffing. This back office labor management application provides tools managers can use to analyze labor data and schedules, enabling them to cut costs and boost productivity.

Access the data and reports you need on a moment’s notice to make the right scheduling decisions. View labor time, costs and percent of sales for all of your sites.

Compare scheduled versus actual labor with a wide variety of analytical tools to understand true staf ng requirements. Forecast future needs accurately, while enforcing company labor standards.

Eliminate unnecessary overtime, which can hurt restaurant margins. Use operational intelligence to focus staff productively on key tasks during the work day.

NCR Inventory

NCR Inventory helps restaurant managers take control of one of their biggest costs: food. This back-office application provides the analytics restaurateurs need to assess spending, support contract pricing and streamline communication with suppliers.

Understand what’s happening in key operational areas, including inventory and recipe management, purchasing, cash management and reporting. Use insights to enhance your management of the business.

Measure, control and reduce food costs by viewing your top 20 food costs and highlighting key variances. Pinpoint areas of unnecessary spending and eliminate them.

Food costs change constantly. Use solution data to monitor the real-time cost of goods, based on current pricing or rst- in, rst-out usage and quick shelf-to-sheet inventory counts.