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Maximize your kitchen’s capabilities

Speed-of-service, load balancing, item timing and coursing are features that are designed to streamline efficiency and order accuracy.

Kitchens can be more efficient

Problem: Slow service

Solution: Maximize productivity at each station and orchestrate food preparation in real time

Problem: Poor food quality

Solution: Coursing and cook time options ensure all food items are ready at the same time and served fresh

Problem: Errors and Comps

Solution: Real-time visibility into problem areas in production and delivery

Problem: Ineffective customer interaction

Solution: Integration with NCR Aloha Takeout and web/mobile ordering provides accurate wait times


  • Orchestrates the functionality of the entire kitchen to ensure food is prepared fresh and on time
  • Smart bin functionality consolidates items and increases productivity of kitchen stations
  • Seamlessly integrated to additional functionalities within the NCR Aloha solutions, such as takeout, guest manager and configuration systems
  • Robust, redundant architecture keeps the system running even if individual components fail
  • Timing food preparation using cook times and coursing improves quality
  • Coursing allows items to be split into multiple courses and sets rhythm for the dining experience
  • Delayed routing uses cook times of the individual items to allow everything to be completed together
  • Modifiers are easier to read, preventing mistakes and decreasing amounts of food waste and voids
  • Recipe viewer helps promote consistency in preparation
  • Forecasting helps ensure that food is readily available

  • Orders are routed to the kitchen in real-time as they are placed on the POS terminals or via web/mobile ordering
  • NCR Aloha Mobile handheld devices integrate with Aloha Kitchen for even faster at-table ordering
  • Expo displays orders and identifies which items are preventing the dishes from being expedited
  • Routing and load balancing can be adjusted based on your restaurant’s volume levels
  • Orders can be transferred to another station if staff is running behind
  • Metrics and alert thresholds give access to key performance indicators on any kitchen screen
  • Analyze speed-of-service at the individual order, course, station or item level via reports available in the restaurant and in NCR Aloha Insight
  • Highlight error-prone orders for staff to proactively address before food is sent to the guest

  • Configuration Center provides a central source for remote monitoring and management
  • Integrates with guest management and takeout functions to provide accurate wait times
  • NCR Aloha Mobile and web/online ordering improves the order-to-serve cycle time