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Actionable information made easier

Make better decisions faster and easier. NCR Pulse is a single mobile platform solution available on Android and iOS devices that enables instant access to your restaurant’s data – anytime, anywhere.





How to get the information you need exactly when you need it

Problem: Different points to access operational information
Solution: One mobile platform to access your restaurant’s data

Problem: Low visibility into current performance
Solution: Receive up-to-the-minute performance metrics

Problem: Identifying service issues
Solution: Notifications alert you immediately when issues require your attention

Problem: Lack of predictable data
Solution: Artificial intelligence engines turn data into predictable outcomes

Problem: Unable to be in multiple places at the same time
Solution: Anytime, anywhere access from your mobile device


  • Access to real-time operational data anywhere you are
  • Breakdown of net sales by hour, day part, and more
  • Artificial intelligence engines predict where sales will end up for the day, enabling quick adjustments
  • Reduce comps, promos and voids by enabling notification of alerts as they occur
  • Have more detailed table visits with guests by being able to view checks in real time
  • Integrates full with Restaurant Guard to safeguard your operations
  • Uses pattern matching and statistical analysis to identify suspicious events within the restaurant
  • View current and previous day of business
  • Sort by areas, regions, store groups, or individual stores
  • Significant alerts include comps, voids, promos, reprints, check times, clears, tips
  • Fully-configurable ranking reports enable a quick review of performance details
  • Customized performance metrics
  • Display rankings by day part, employee, job code or restaurants
  • Ability to drill down to the check level in order to review details
  • Fully integrates with Customer Voice to receive instant feedback from your customers
  • Receive instant notification of negative customer feedback, allowing you to take immediate action
  • Instantly view server performance, business at risk and response rates from your mobile device
  • Drill down to check-level detail in order to view pertinent details regarding the customer experience
  • Every comment from every customer is analyzed, providing valuable insight across multiple sites or down to the individual restaurant

  • News Feed makes it easy to configure and view those alerts and notifications that are important to your business.
  • Messaging allows you to connect with your team about important updates and topics of interest.
  • Social News provides a single area to view your restaurant’s recent Twitter and Facebook social activity.
  • Support enables you to easily connect with the NCR Pulse support team with any issues – directly from the app