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Aloha Loyalty

NCR Aloha Loyalty allows you to effortlessly market to and engage your customers in order to drive repeat business.

  • Choose a program that is the best fit for your business and for your customers
  • Reward your guests based on their spend amount, number of visits, or items they’ve purchased
  • Randomly reward guests with lottery rewards program or target a specific group of people with smart rewards
  • Assign points per item or per dollar for reward accruement
  • Customizable rewards that help you sell more, to more customers, more often
  • Provide a percentage or dollar-amount discount reward on the guest’s check at time of purchase
  • Generate a printed voucher on the receipt for use on a future visit or add value to the guest’s stored value card
  • Give bonus rewards by increasing value to items during specific times of day, enabling you to drive increased traffic and sales
  • Collect valuable customer data to focus your marketing and social media efforts
  • Promote higher margin items to a captive audience
  • Provide rewards or bonuses for customer life events, such as birthdays or anniversaries
  • Integration with NCR stored value card solution enhances brand value and further drives guest retention
  • Plan in advance promotion schedules and triggered events such as light-night menu club, double credit during certain hours, etc.
  • Ability to limit the daily use of loyalty card by needing manager approval after two swipes
  • Control and track the amount of meal discounts employees can receive in a given timeframe
  • Access to reports that track member standings
  • Integration with NCR Customer Voice allows guests to provide valuable feedback regarding their experience
  • Engage your loyal customers outside of your restaurant through integration with your restaurant’s website or a link to your Facebook page
  • Enable your guests to register their loyalty cards online via Memberlink

Aloha Stored Value

NCR Stored Value extends your brand’s footprint and unlocks previously unrealized customer value.

  • Gift cards enable you to extend your brand outside of your restaurant’s four walls
  • Turn your best guests into active marketers of your restaurant
  • Understand your customers’ behavior to target specific offers for a higher response rate
  • Offer multiple card types to build additional predictable revenue
  • One solution that is easily implemented across multiple locations, franchises and businesses
  • Can be instantly deployed and activated, and requires no additional hardware
  • Terminal Edition supports multiple POS platforms, reducing upfront investment costs
  • Multi-settlement tools automatically transfer, reconcile and verify gift cards at any store location
  • Enable your loyal customers a way to share the restaurant experience with others
  • Support a wide variety of refund types and provide card balances on customer receipts
  • Customers can view their gift card balance via a link on your website
  • Integrated tightly with other applications of the NCR solution, such as NCR Aloha Loyalty, providing valuable customer data on customer preferences
  • Analyze when and where cards were used, what was purchased, and the average spend
  • Monitor operations and revenues closely with real-time, enterprise-wide reporting capabilities