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Take control of your restaurant and make the right decisions

NCR Aloha Insight is a web-based business analysis tool that provides key data about your restaurant’s performance.

Systems today can generate enormous amounts of data – it’s only useful, though, if it provides information that is actionable by you.

Managing your operations has never been so easy

Problem: Low visibility into current operational performance
Solution: Receive performance metrics anytime through web-based software

Problem: Inability to analyze data effectively
Solution: Consolidate and customize reporting with extensive drilldown analysis

Problem: Multiple areas needing constant focus
Solution: Customizable sales, labor, and product mix views and reports

Problem: Managing multiple stores
Solution: Operational data can be segmented by site, region or concept

Problem: Identifying service issues
Solution: Notifications alert you when issues require your attention

  • Analyze historical indicators to proactively measure current performance against long term plans
  • Manage multiple stores with consolidated sales, labor, and product mix views to provide store-over-store comparisons
  • Receive key audit exceptions which can alert you about potential loss or unusual activities in your business
  • Stay informed with robust reporting and scheduling tools, audit, and exception alerting – all designed to keep you better informed
  • Leverage the web-based tool to build custom reports and data elements unique to your business
  • Utilize payroll and accounting integrations to provide automated data transformations to 3rd party systems
  • Take advantage of SQL data replication services to securely transmit data to your facility, allowing you to further analyze key transactional elements important to your business
  • With the replication services, you can further integrate your operational data to external programs and services

  • Consolidate and customize multi-store reporting with extensive drilldown analysis by site, region, market
    and concept
  • Leverage a collection of performance indicators to identify stores which have a high number of exceptions over time
  • Determine if exceptions are common across multiple stores by using the consolidated view and drilling in to uncover the details
  • View historical check level detail from the website
  • Spend less time on administration and more time serving customers and improving guest and employee satisfaction
  • Understand top and bottom performers and actions to help your staff succeed in order to better serve your customers and grow your bottom line
  • Enable operations to effectively communicate information and make swift decisions to drive sales and control costs