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Transform your restaurant

Choose the right solutions that add value and complement the core point of sale system. NCR Hosted Solutions gives you innovative and unique ways to manage your operations and make critical business decisions. Build meaningful relationships with customers and leverage your brand presence in new ways to help attract, motivate, retain and grow an engaged customer base.

Manage your operations

Improve the security of your business through threat detection, updates management and system compromise prevention with NCR
Network and Security Services.

Safely and effciently process credit card transactions with NCR Merchant Solutions.

Enhance security and simplicity to the process of implementing and maintaining sites with the dynamic support tool, NCR Command Center.

Increase visibility into your business with NCR Insight to improve proft margin and reduce cost with a web-based reporting system for sales and labor data.

Protect your restaurant’s bottom line and identify losses proactively with the sophisticated theft deterrent tool, NCR Restaurant Guard.

Access systems centrally with NCR Confguration Center to easily manage, schedule and distribute data across all your sites.

Make decisions on-the-go with actionable and operational data delivered to your mobile device. With NCR Real-Time on the Pulse Platform, running your business is easier.

Engage with customers

Turn your customers into loyal fans with the customizable solution, NCR Loyalty. Keep them coming back by targeting incentives based on their favorite items.

Drive brand awareness and create new loyal customers through a gift card program with NCR Stored Value.

Grow your business by leveraging social media channels and using customer feedback as a referral service with the powerful survey tool, NCR Customer Voice.

Drive offsite orders and provide customers with instant access to menus and pricing with NCR Online and Mobile Ordering.

Enable customers to control their restaurant experience directly from their mobile device, allowing them to review orders, reorder items, give experience feedback, tip and securely pay.