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An innovative and flexible payments platform

NCR Connected Payments is a fully-secure, cloud-based payments platform that protects restaurant operators against fraudulent card use and data security threats while enabling innovative consumer payment methods.

Unlike many competitors, NCR Connected Payments gives operators what they want: one solution that combines processor and payment terminal device flexibility with precise control over the payments environment.

Powerful capabilities

Not only does Connected Payments make it simpler to implement EMV when you choose, but it also safeguards your investment when future changes to EMV standards take place, such as an eventual transition to Chip/PIN standards.

Connected Payments secures each and every credit card transaction by using robust data encryption. This protects your customers’ card information from criminal use and further protects your business from damages resulting from a data security breach.

As your guests look to pay in new and more convenient ways, make sure your restaurant is there to enable them. NCR Connected Payments allows you to easily implement today’s payment innovations – such as mobile wallets – and tomorrow’s.

There’s no need to be chained to a specific device or processor – NCR Connected Payments gives you the freedom to choose what’s right for your business. And when you do make that change, Connected Payments makes it a snap to implement within the restaurant.

NCR Connected Payments centralizes and stores your receipts, so you can free up your back office files. Its robust search engine also saves you time when needing to find just that one transaction.

Connected Payments allows you to manage payments in your restaurant with both precision and simplicity. You can remotely manage your payment environment and access reports from any internet-enabled device, with alerts and status updates telling you when any device needs your immediate attention.

NCR owns both the POS and payments security technology. This means that if there’s a new feature to add in either product, we can provide that functionality quickly – it’s the same development team for Connected Payments and the POS.

Multi-site value

No longer will you be dependent on POS upgrades in order to support payments innovations or accommodate credit card mandates. Now POS upgrades can be based on operational-specific needs, with any payment updates happening automatically in the cloud.

You can gain precise control over payment terminal devices and functionality across sites, with the ability to deploy specific payment capabilities across multiple sites or just one site – even down to one single payment terminal device within the entire enterprise.

Connected Payments’ cloud capabilities make it easy to implement and add new types of required security measures to any new payment implementation. This also allows you greater speed to market when deploying new payment types across the enterprise.

Connected Payments enables an omni-channel experience while also securing card data. Looking to add consumer ordering capabilities to your website or mobile app? Connected Payments helps provide the seamless experience your guests are seeking and the single view of payments your operations require.