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A fully integrated solution for all your “TO GO” needs

Drive sales – and staff efficiency with NCR Aloha Takeout. This application has what it takes to help you improve your speed-of-service, manage future sales and optimize delivery.  Aloha Takeout tightly synchronizes fast-paced restaurant takeout and delivery operations from order entry to driver route planning, making the most of every minute.

Organize and make takeout and delivery orders more consistent

Problem: Order accuracy
Solution: Future/repeat/online order management and intuitive ordering process

Problem: Speed of service
Solution: Consistent customer lookup and ability to quickly import customer data

Problem: Absence of customer data
Solution: Wide range of available data fields including payment, loyalty and credits

Problem: Inaccurate quote times
Solution: Static and dynamic quote times based on kitchen load

Problem: Driver efficiency
Solution: Single-touch order assignment and itineraries with turn-by-turn directions


  • The order confirmation screen that appears prior to firing the order allows changes to be made to the order, destination, or promise time
  • Item and order manifest printing ensures non-food items are not left behind
  • Integration with NCR Sticky Media enables easy labeling and accurate order tracking from the kitchen to the customer, decreasing errors
  • Future order management with capacity management, auto fire times and the ability to alter orders at any time

  • Consistent customer lookup feature automatically searches against six different fields
  • Intuitive user interface guides the user through the ordering process, allowing for a customized order flow to meet your customer’s needs
  • Caller ID integration
  • Advanced Mapping integration

  • Vast number of data fields available for any customer
  • Easy access to all customer historical information
  • Ability to import data from pre-existing databases or applications
  • PA-DSS validated payment application allows for safe and secure storage of credit card information
  • On-the-fly quote time management easily viewed through the user interface
  • Integrated quote time management with Aloha Kitchen provides quotes based on kitchen load
  • Capacity management is used to automatically adjust quote times based on the number of orders being placed
  • In-store quote times are integrated with online ordering/ web solutions

  • Single-click order assignments
  • Turn-by-turn directions contained within driver itineraries
  • Delivery area management
  • On-screen maps for easier order routing and assignment