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Tableside ordering made easier

NCR Aloha Mobile is a seamless extension of the NCR Aloha point-of-sale built for mobile devices. Achieve speed, freedom and flexibility – serving your customers has never been so easy.

Enable fantastic service through mobility

Problem: Order routing from the table to the kitchen
Solution: Extraneous time is reduced, and speed to kitchen is faster

Problem: Inconvenient and unsecure payment options
Solution: Payments taken and securely processed at the table

Problem: Errors/comps
Solution: Single point of data entry

Problem: Ineffective customer interaction
Solution: More time in front of guests

Problem: A subpar guest experience
Solution: Fewer errors/more attention result in happier customers

  • NCR Aloha Mobile runs on both purpose-built hardware (NCR Orderman) and commercially-available iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Offers the freedom to choose which hardware is appropriate for your operation’s needs
  • Seamlessly integrates into the existing NCR Aloha point-of-sale solution
  • UI is consistent between devices and the point-of-sale, allowing for predictability and ease-of-use
  • Feature-rich software enables efficient split checks, modifiers, pivot seating – among others
  • Enables easy return-to-service and sharing of devices among staff
  • Putting mobile devices in staff’s hands increases productivity, resulting in more table turns
  • Orders are sent directly from the table to the kitchen, expediting the time for food to arrive
  • Payments are taken directly at the table, reducing the time guests wait for checks to be settled
  • NCR Orderman7 hardware is designed and built to withstand the rigors of daily restaurant use
  • Handheld variants offer additional features, such as Bluetooth/NFC, scanner or MSR reader
  • Utilizes 125 Khz RFID technology for innovative tap-to-open, tap-to-print and tap-to-close functions
  • PCI-DSS validated technology ensures customer credit cards are processed securely
  • Uses a secure network that is unique to NCR Orderman devices, optimizing wireless connectivity and improving range

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