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Since 1971

From the moment you open your doors in the morning to the moment the last employee leaves for the night, and all the times in-between, BEC is there to help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Founded in 1971, BEC has proven time and again to go above and beyond for our clients.  We will be by your side from the time you purchase our world renowned NCR Aloha POS systems, during installation and menu/floor plan development, training you and your staff, and providing technical support, should the need arise, both over the phone and in person.

Whatever your Aloha needs are, BEC will be by your side to you keep your business running, your reports accurate, and your customers happy.

Our History

NCR is the #1 vendor of point of sale software in the world, with the Aloha POS Suite operating in over 40,000 restaurants. With over 25 years of development behind it, you can be sure that Aloha is the most stable solution available.

What’s New?

Keep up with what’s new at BEC POS


Optimize your Restaurant

Find out how the NCR Aloha Suite can improve accuracy, reduce speed of service times, and drive efficiency in your restaurant.


Engage with Customers

Find out how BECPOS and NCR can help you drive sales, increase guest loyalty, and reach your customers in new ways.


Manage your Restaurant

Find out how NCR’s reporting solutions can help you increase visibility into your labor, inventory, and cost of operations.


BEC has made us rethink POS as we continue to grow. 

Glenn with BEC has done a great job making sure we were ready and supported us after we went live. As a former Implementation Manager for Micros I can attest I never had a sales tech that had taken care of us as much as Glenn has to ensure we get what we wanted and had the follow through to make sure the system is what we need operationally. Outstanding service.

Thank You BECPOS!


We Value our Partners

In business you need to have successful relationships and BEC values each and every partner.


BEC POS provides comprehensive training for our clients



We offer 24-7 phone and onsite service in Colorado



Order supplies from BECPOS online and receive a 10% discount



Our greatest reward is our client’s satisfaction