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Urban Farmer Opens in Cleveland

“The BEC team congratulates Sage Restaurant Group on the opening of their flagship steakhouse concept Urban Farmer at the brand new Westin-Downtown Cleveland.

The Urban Farmer has harnessed the latest in restaurant POS technology, employing Orderman SOL handheld ordering devices to cover their large space.  Led by industry veterans Brad Cecci on the culinary side and Troy Christian as General Manager, Urban Farmer partners with local farmers to showcase the best of Ohio’s sustainable and organic farming products. 

Chef Brad offers a broad range of options in several cuts of beef, the pinnacle of which is the NY Steak tasting, featuring a 6oz NY Strip from 4 different breeds of cattle.  Guest interact with a roving cheese monger, who will serve tableside while describing the history and production methods of each local and old world sampling.  The space is adorned with jars of house-pickled vegetables that make their way as accompaniments to sandwiches at lunch and the charcuterie program at night.  Photos of partner farms and farmers adorn the walls. 

BEC wishes success and excellent eating to Sage and The Urban Farmer!