Training Classes Offered by BECPOS

BEC E-Learning Center for Current Clientsalohalearning1: Have you been wondering what you can do to drive sales while simultaneously rewarding your guests so you are building a strong repeating customer base?

If you have then this is for you! In this video you will be given an overview of the many different things that Aloha can do to drive sales in your restaurant and add money to the bottom line.This includes a tour of just how easy it is to use from the front of the house, success stories, a few of the many different bonus programs you can use, reports, and the support to make sure you are successful. Click here for this video…

beclearn1This is the web address to BEC e-Learning, the premier place to learn about Aloha Manager. Currently BEC- is for customers of BECPOS that have a current helpdesk contract. See video links listed. NEW videos being added monthly.


The site requires a user name and password that will be assigned to you by BEC. The process is very quick, after we have received a name and email. It will take a few minutes for it to be set up and a welcome letter will be emailed to you.

After you have received a user name and password you will have access to learn many of the different aspects of Aloha Manager and its accompanying software. There are areas that you can get certified in the use of Aloha back office software whether you are an owner/operator or manager of a multi-unit chain or a single restaurant.

Along with certifications and videos that contain quizzes there are also areas that have videos for review if you have a question that could be easily answered by one of the videos without the worry of taking the quiz. These videos will ensure that your managers are doing things consistently through the many different areas of Aloha. If you have any questions or are curious about signing up please feel free to contact me at Click Here.

Eric Nelson

Professional Training Consultant
(303) 623-1143 x1055
800-400-1143 x1055
(303) 623-0219 (fax)
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Richard Spillane

Software Trainer
Hosted Solutions Liaison
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(303) 623-0219 (fax)