NEW NCR Cleaning Kit: ONLY $29.50

NEW NCR Cleaning Kit: ONLY $29.50

The NCR/POS Hospitality Cleaning Kit is a key component in your on-going effort to keep the equipment running efficiently and your customers. Equipment Recovery: Your POS equipment will need a recovery period before you start a monthly preventive cleaning program, you should order two NCR POS/Hospitality Cleaning kits initially. After the initial recovery period, you will only need to order one kit per month in order to keep your devices clean and running optimally week after week

NEW NCR Cleaning Kit: ONLY $29.50 pdf-icon3   Click to view all information on PDF
  • Significantly reduces credit card misreads
  • Easy to use
  • Takes only 5 minutes to clean devices (after initial cleaning)
  • Extends the life and increases efficiency of all store devices
  • Wipe removes grease the first time
  • Improves print image quality and extends the life of print heads
  • Allows crew to read kitchen monitors and screens
  • Improves employee morale and customer experience
  • Decreases service calls/repairs needed – it pays for itself!

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NEW NCR Cleaning Kit: ONLY $29.50
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