Hosted Solutions – NCR

NCR Hosted Solutions enable you to:

  • Connect with customers and drive revenue.
  • Manage operation-improve the bottom line.
  • Enhance with mobility

Benefits for the Hosted Solutions include:

  • ATTRACT new customers
  • MAXIMIZE the value of existing customers
  • CREATE raving fans 
  • CONTROL costs
  • TRACK critical performance indicators
  • STREAMLINE your infrastructure
 Hosted Solutions – NCR at
Hosted Solutions – NCR at   Hosted Solutions – NCR at   Hosted Solutions – NCR at

NCR Aloha Stored Value
Drive brand awareness and new loyal customers through a seamless implemented gift card program.

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NCR Aloha Loyalty
Turn your existing customers into the ideal patron; one that visits when you want them to and buys your most profitable items with a innovative,customized loyalty program.
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NCR Customer Voice
Survey tool that allows you to turn your happy customers (promoters) into an unpaid sales force to help grow business by leveraging social media channels and using them as a referral service for the brand.
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NCR Online and Mobile Ordering
Driving off-site orders in an easy and convenient way for your customers to do business with you. Provides customers with instant access to menus and pricing , transmits orders electronically to stores, and drives revenue. Read More

NCR Pulse Real-Time
Easily access actionable operational data in real time through a mobile device in a way that drives business success, makes running your store easier, and enables great employee interaction. Read More



NCR Restaurant Guard
Protect your restaurant’s bottom line 
profits with a sophisticated tool that balances proactive and reactive reporting to provide increased visibility to encourage positive behavior. Read More.

NCR Aloha Insight
Increase visibility into your business to improve profit margin and reduce costs through a robust, web-based reporting
system for sales and labor. Read More.

NCR Network and Security
Strengthen IT infrastructure to support flexible and reliable business operations.


NCR Merchant Solutions
Safely and efficiently process customer credit card transactions. Read More.

NCR Aloha Command Center
Simplifies the site support process without compromising security. Read More.

NCR Aloha Configuration Center
Manage, schedule, and distribute data using robust software.Read More.