Aloha Table Service MenuLink Inventory

This award winning Back Office Solution is a Windows-based software package designed to help you devote less time to back office administration and more time to serving customers and training employees.

Restaurant operators need comprehensive tools to manage costs and information in order to make good business decisions in a timely manner. Menulink Labor and Menulink Inventory provide the tools necessary to measure your operations in real time to make smart decisions quickly. MenuLink is an Internet-based back office application that will take you to higher levels of profitability and efficiency by allowing greater control with less work. MenuLink includes inventory and recipe management, purchasing, labor management, cash management and reporting. It is designed to help you reduce operating costs and create competitive advantage.

  • Reduce operational and food costs.
  • Gain greater control of business.
  • Remove barriers to effective labor management.
  • MenuLink Labor & Inventory are easy-to-use and provide proven stability in a restaurant back office environment. Its intuitive technology offers a complete solution for managing your business administration.

Features and benefits of MenuLink Labor & Inventory include:

  • Manages inventory levels and tracks orders – control food costs.
  • Determines order volumes based on sales – reduce waste.
  • Exports information to third-party HR software packages – share information.
  • Produces easy to read bar graph schedules – communicate effectively.
  • Recommends purchases and labor needs based on forecast – increase efficiency.
  • Imports data from POS system – perform cash and sales reconciliations.

MenuLink Inventory:

Measure, control and reduce food costs by highlighting variances while supporting contract pricing and streamlining communication with suppliers.

  • Improve visibility into inventory and recipe management, purchasing, cash management – reporting.
  • Increase profitability by comparing and analyzing actual to theoretical costs – offers dynamic views of the top 20 food cost items.
  • Calculates future sales amounts, product mix and guest count down to the 15-minute interval.
  • Recommends purchase orders based on trend and delivery schedules.
  • Provides real-time cost of goods sold based on latest prices or FIFO (first in first out) and quick shelf-to-sheet inventory counts with drag and drop configurations.
  • Supports product transfers including automatic notification and reconciliation