Aloha Labor Scheduler

Determining labor cost is one of the most important issues facing the restaurateur today. Most managers are challenged to determine what combination of staff is the most effective on an hour-by-hour basis. Aloha’s Labor Scheduler provides you with the answers you need to accurately and efficiently schedule your employees to meet your business needs. We take hours of manager scheduling time and reduce it to a click of a button. Aloha Labor Scheduler helps you run models for best case labor scenarios, helping you to keep your cost at its lowest levels while you keep guest satisfaction at its highest.

Automated Scheduling:

Hand-written schedules are a thing of the past! Aloha’s Labor Scheduler provides an easy management utility to create the most effective schedules for your business and your staff. The Labor Scheduler utilizes the Aloha POS historical sales information, and automatically populates an employee schedule based on your key volume indicators. Based on any combination of sales dollars, guest counts, items or check counts, your decide how you will project staffing needs. Exceed your service levels automatically by scheduling specific jobs and covered tasks based on real data and the labor threshold intervals required to meet you guests’ satisfaction. Once the schedule is automatically generated, managers can easily adjust changes in our simple one-screen Windows™-built application. Bottom line: managers will have more time out on the floor with customers.

Schedule By Performance:

Aloha Labor Scheduler’s superior functionality is based on the foundation of letting you determine who works and what schedule they work. You establish who your best performers are, and the system makes sure they are positioned to bring in the most profits on your busiest time periods. Your staff will appreciate their job even more because you will be able to easily handle special scheduling requests and routine days not available for work. Another plus is that the system promotes schedules by performance. Calculations of who works, when they work, and what work is assigned are automatically performed based on the skill and preference levels you control for each employee. With Aloha Labor Scheduler, you guarantee your guests will receive the best service during your most critical and challenging time periods.

Schedule Controls:

Company hours and labor restriction settings are extensive to best balance all your business needs. Whatever your schedule requirements are, Aloha Labor Scheduler can accommodate them. If you don’t want your staff to work back-to-back shifts or want to make it mandatory for a specific amount of time worked per week, tell the system once. Your schedule will be forever enforced. The one-time company rules and requirements setup provides you with schedules built at the click of a button!

Remove the barriers to effective labor management with a solution that eliminates the painstaking effort of determining accurate labor needs, writing a schedule, handling unique requests, scheduling vacations and maintaining labor costs.

  • Determine labor costs and needs.
  • Reduce time spent in back office.
  • Gain greater control of business

Instead of spending countless hours manually creating schedules, estimating labor needs and controlling costs, Aloha Labor Scheduler affords management the luxury of reinvesting time gained to improve the quality of their business.

Features and benefits of Aloha Labor Scheduler include:

  • Analyzes schedules and handles unique requests – rectify potential problems.
  • Reduces administrative duties – spend more time with customers and employees.
  • Reports on and tracks required labor – reduce labor costs and plan accordingly.

• Ability to copy shifts from day to day. • Option of adding remarks about job requirements. • Printed report shows required labor cost, for planning. • Shows differences between budgeted and actual labor costs. • Ability to enter preferred shifts and requests off. • Customizable to fit company policies on hour limitations. • Quick viewing of skill levels of employees. • Easy addition and deletion of break times.

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