Aloha Delivery Frequent Diner

Repeat business is the lifeblood of the restaurant industry.

Without loyal customers (Frequent Diner), a restaurant simply cannot be successful. That’s why customer relationship management (CRM) tools are vital to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s crowded restaurant marketplace – and that’s why you need Aloha eFrequency.

Aloha eFrequency provides easy-to-use webbased wizards that allow your organization to quickly design, roll out, and manage exciting CRM programs that will not only attract new repeat customers, but can also turn your existing customer base into “ideal customers” who have the purchasing habits that can yield your operation real profits!….

Creative CRM features like the eFrequency “lottery plan” allow you to bring a surprise element to your frequency program that engages your members. Our powerful “visits-based plan” option rewards members for the number of times they visit your stores – a proven method to keep customers coming back.

However, frequency of visits isn’t the only element of a successful CRM program – it must also allow you to mold your customers into ideal consumers who not only frequently visit your stores, but visit on a schedule that will maximize your hours of operation and order items that will yield your company new profits. Exciting features like eFrequency “tour plans” and “plan qualifiers” help you to engage your members and mold their purchasing habits – enticing them to order highyield items that they may not otherwise consider and to visit your stores during historically slow day parts, such as late night or early dinner.

  • Stimulates repeat business
  • Establishes a relationship between the operator and customer
  • Establishes customer loyalty
  • Enhances perceived value of dining experience
  • Molds customers into profit-yielding members
  • Integrated with Aloha POS for ease of use and rapid deployment
  • Integrated with Aloha eCard – immediately turns gift-card holders into members
  • Unlimited number of bonus plans
  • Unlimited number of rewards and program tiers
  • Real-time discounts at the POS
  • Instantly roll out new programs without manager or store-level intervention
  • A single card operates as both a gift card and a frequency card
  • Sign-up application, acknowledgement and bounce-back coupon vouchers print directly from the POS
  • One-touch member assignments to checks at the POS
  • Optional force swipe of eFrequency card – blocks out manual card number entry
  • Audit controls such as masking card numbers and restricting rewards and member assignments
  • POS Member Report prints in-store at the POS
  • Flexible bonus plan scheduling
  • Powerful bonus events
  • Complete suite of enterprise-level reporting, member data exports management alerts and member history and adjustment tools
  • Easy-to-use web-wizards allows corporate to easily configure, implement and manage your programs.