Aloha Command Center

Manage multi-site IT operations from a single screen!

NCR Aloha Command Center is a remote monitoring and diagnostic tool that provides you with unprecedented control over IT operations.

Use Aloha Command Center to acquire real-time updates on the status of hardware and software at all of your restaurant locations.

This powerful hosted application enables you to troubleshoot and solve issues rapidly, before they impact site operations and the customer experience.


  Manage multi-site IT operations from a single screen

Key Features

  • Hosted application with real-time monitoring of remote,   multi-site server and terminal operations
  • Security protocols include multi-factor user authentication (using RSA SecurID devices), centralized user management, security alerts and audits, and outbound, encrypted communications
  • Audit reports detail all actions taken at a site and which user initiated them
  • Grant users only the access they require to perform their jobs and remove former users instantly to maintain system security
  • Automatic security and feature updates keep system functioning at an optimum level
  • Can be configured for firewall-friendly ports

Aloha Command Center is a dynamic support tool that enables unbeatable levels of service for your site systems. Aloha Command Center monitors the status of each server and terminal in real-time. Proactive alerts allow many issues to be resolved before they impact your operations. Advanced security features allow remote access to your sites for problem resolution while protecting your systems and guest data. Aloha Command Center quickly and efficiently manages the technical realities of your hospitality technology, allowing your staff to focus on restaurant operations and guest service.

Case Studies by various companies below: (Click on PDF logo for case study information.)

Aloha Command Center  from

Aloha Command Center  from

Founded in 1995, Colorado-based Noodles & Company is the world’s first quick-casual, globally inspired noodle restaurant. From healthy to indulgent and spicy to comforting, its menu features Asian, Mediterranean and American inspired noodle dishes, soups and salads. Operating more than 210 corporate and franchise locations in 18 states across the U.S. and in support of its overall business strategy to leverage hosted applications, Noodles & Company began to explore ways that they could more effectively manage and support sites remotely.

Focus on your restaurant and not the technology: 
Real-time monitoring means fewer issues and faster resolutions. The health of both hardware and software is automatically and continuously sent to the Help Desk where it is evaluated to ensure optimal performance and up-time.

Protect Your Systems and Guest Data:
Site security settings are continuously monitored and our Help Desk is automatically notified if changes that compromise site security are made. Ensure your sites are PCI-compliant 365 days a year not just on the day of an audit.

Prevent Disruptions Before They Happen:
Proactive alerts to the Help Desk allow many issues to be resolved before they impact site operations. Proper ongoing maintenance of site systems reduces the frequency of site issues and decreases the time required to resolve those that do occur.

Increase Accountability for Actions Taken at the Site:
All actions taken at your site are automatically logged and tracked to a specific authorized user. The Electronic Journal function can be used to investigate transaction-related events at the site.

Spend Time With Guests Not Support Staff:
Powerful support features allow remote support staff to quickly diagnose issues without causing additional disruption to staff and operations. Corrective actions can be taken without the need to temporarily take over servers and terminals.

Aloha Command Center Security

Remote support of site systems has traditionally involved a trade off between ease of use and security. Aloha Command Center provides powerful support tools that simplify life at the site while also enforcing strict security measures that can generate an audit trail of all actions taken at the site and control who has access and what tasks they can perform. Aloha Command Center is security without companies.

Multi Factor User Authentication:
Strong authentication measures generally include two elements – “something you have” such as a secure ID number and “something you know” like a user password. Aloha Command Center uses an RSA SecurID device to generate the “something you have.” Users cannot log-on without the number provided by the SecurID device which changes every sixty seconds.

Security Specific Alerts:
Security audits are generally manual, time-intensive projects that are conducted on an annual or bi-annual basis. This approach only measures compliance at the time of the audit, leaving status for the remainder of the year essentially unknown. Aloha Command Center includes security-specific alerts that continuously monitor site settings and proactively notify the help desk if changes that compromise site security are made.

Audit Reporting:
Aloha Command Center audit reports provide a detailed view of all actions taken at a site and by which specific user they were initiated. This detailed reporting capability increases user accountability and improves resolution time.

Version Managed Application:
Staying current with the latest Aloha Command Center security and feature updates requires no additional management effort. Changes are automatically synchronized at each site, ensuring that your systems and data are protected.

Centralized User Management:
Each Aloha Command Center user has an individual account which provides unique and specific access to sites. Individual accounts can be authorized with unique permissions that define which actions can be taken at a site. Former authorized users can be instantly removed from one central location without the need to update user IDs and passwords at each site. Aloha Command Center increases both security and efficiency.

Only Outbound Connections:
Unlike many other generic remote connection tools, Aloha Command Center is not dependent on an open in-bound connection which is inherently insecure. No user interaction is required at the site to establish an outbound connection. Aloha Command Center connects securely in the background without interrupting normal site operations.

Encrypted Communications:
All communications to and from the site are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Secure Shell (SSH) to maximize security.

Communication On Firewall Friendly Ports:
The use of standard ports means that most sites do not need to be specifically configured to enable Aloha Command Center. For sites with more restrictive settings, a simple one-time set-up is all that is required.

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