Software Programs Offered by BECPOS
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In-Store Applications that Increase Guest Satisfaction & Profits

Aloha Table Service:  
Aloha Table Service is an easy-to-use, advanced point-of-sale software that manages front-of-house and back-of-house operations within table service restaurants……

Aloha Takeout:  
Aloha Takeout is an in-store application that streamlines take-away, curbside and delivery options and integrates seamlessly with the Aloha Point-of-Sale……

Aloha Quick Service:  
Aloha Quick Service is an easy-to-use, advanced point-of-sale software that increases speed of service and order accuracy within quick service operations…….

Aloha Guest Manager:  
Aloha Guest Manager is an innovative application that offers reservation management, wait list management, table management and guest tracking all synchronized with the Aloha Point-of-Sale …….

Aloha Connect:  
Aloha Connect is a structured framework that seamlessly integrates approved 3rd party applications with the Aloha Point-of-Sale……

Hand Held Ordering: 
Installed in 45 countries with more than 20,000 sites, Radiant Systems’ Orderman radio ordering system has one crucial advantage over competitive systems — it was specifically designed for the hospitality industry. With more than 15 million transactions per day worldwide, Orderman is the leading handheld solution that is reliable, durable, secure and easy to use…

Aloha EDC
With Aloha Electronic Draft Capture (EDC), your servers need only swipe a credit card once to instantly access all the information necessary to process transactions. Gone are the days of keying in credit card numbers. Credit card processing can now be done from any station, eliminating the need for servers to travel back and forth between terminals and saving you and your employees valuable time……

Software Add Ons

Delivery|Frequent Diner:  
Aloha eFrequency provides easy-to-use webbased wizards that allow your organization to quickly design, roll out, and manage exciting CRM programs that will not only attract new repeat customers, but can also turn your existing customer base into “ideal customers” who have the purchasing habits that can yield your operation real profits!…..

Driving in-store traffic is a top priority for restaurant operators of all sizes. Having the right technology to manage your marketing programs will help you to ultimately grow revenue by attracting new customers and stimulating repeat business. Aloha Stored Value and Aloha Loyalty applications help restaurant marketing and operations teams promote their brands to their guests, driving profitable repeat business and convenient access to their brand whether targeting customers in the restaurant or driving traffic in the door…

Repeat business is the lifeblood of the restaurant industry. Many successful restaurant operators are turning to electronic frequency and restaurant loyalty programs to deliver targeted rewards and incentives that stimulate repeat business and increase store traffic…

Gift Cards:  
The Aloha eServices product suite helps you meet your customer’s highest expectations while providing the necessary information to cut costs and capitalize on revenue opportunities. Our award-winning solution is comprised of Aloha Enterprise Reporting, Centralized Data Management….

Aloha Enterprise Solution for Table Service and Quick Service:  
More than ever, operating a profit table table service restaurant requires controlling cost while increasing sales. Ensuring performance against these critical objectives means that selecting the right technology solution could be the most important investment decision you will make. To build effi cient operations, provide the experience that your guests expect and achieve healthy growth, your technology solution should consist of seamlessly integrated components that maximize your existing asset and minimize costly new integration projects while easily increasing your operational capabilities over time…

Aloha Connect:  
Leveraging language-neutral development tools to extend Aloha’s rich functionality to other applications, Aloha Connect Licensees can seamlessly integrate approved third party applications ….

Aloha Back Office Solutions by BECPOS

One of the most important products available is the Aloha Back Office Solution, a comprehensive answer to all those issues that are important to every restaurant in today’s market place.

Restaurant operators need comprehensive back office applications to efficiently analyze results, effectively control inventory and labor costs and automatically alert management to issues that require attention. Aloha Back Office provides the tools necessary to measure your operations in real time to make smart decisions quickly. Our award-winning solution is comprised of three applications, Aloha Insight, which offers consolidated reporting, alerts and intelligent analytic capabilities across all locations and MenuLink Labor and MenuLink Inventory, which provide excellent control over the two most critical components of your business, labor and inventory management.

GROW REVENUE AND PROFIT: Measure operational performance accurately to make smart business decisions quickly.

INCREASE VISIBILITY AND CONTROL: Manage critical data across all sites and implement new database changes in a single site or multiple sites – any time, anywhere.

REDUCE OPERATIONAL COSTS: Measure, control and reduce food costs by highlighting variances and forecast labor scheduling to maximize employee productivity.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Spend less time on administration and more time serving customers and improving employee satisfaction.

Click on any of the links available for the latest detailed software information and pdf brochures.


Aloha Insight:  
Hosted application that increases the visibility and control of your operations – any time, anywhere. Wherever you are, Aloha Insight will let you know exactly how your business is performing……

Command Center:  
Aloha Command Center is a dynamic support tool that enables unbeatable levels of service for your site systems. Aloha Command Center monitors the status of each server and terminal in real-time. Proactive alerts allow many issues to be resolved before they impact your operations……

Restaurant Guard:  
Whether you have been a restaurant operator for a week or for years, you strive to successfully operate your restaurant everyday. What you might not realize are the bottom line profits that you could be losing and more importantly, how you are losing them….Read More

NCR Back Office: (formerly Menulink) : 
This award winning NCR Back Office solution is a Windows-based software package designed to help you devote less time to back office administration and more time to serving customers and training employees..…

NCR Back Office Inventory:  
Measure, control and reduce food costs by highlighting variances while supporting contract pricing and streamlining communication with suppliers…..

NCR Back Office Labor:  
Centrally and effectively manage all employees across your organization. Optimize staffing by comparing scheduled vs. actual labor with a wide variety of analytical tools ……

Mobile Pay:  
Enhancing the restaurant experience with mobility by allowing patrons to pay with their mobile phone..…