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Racines 30th

by Bill Husted – Denver Business Journal David Racine and Lee Goodfriend, both 63, have been together since 1975, most of that time with their sleeves rolled up in a restaurant. They own and operate the venerable Racines at 650 Sherman St., which celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. racinesThat’s a long time for a restaurant to stay alive, let alone busy and a standby favorite for the city. And it’s a long time for business partners to keep talking to each other. They met waiting tables at Zach’s and, with two friends, opened Goodfriends on East Colfax in 1979. Next came Racines at its first location in the Golden Triangle, then Dixons in Lodo. Now there is but one restaurant, Racines, and just David and Lee at the helm. To celebrate the 30th anniversary, they’re holding a raffle you can enter from the end of December through Jan. 31. The randomly chosen winner will get an all-expense-paid trip to Paris to eat at Bouillon Racine, a renowned bistro in the City of Light. The winners must send back photos, which will be lavishly displayed on the Racines website. Second prize is an all-expense-paid trip to Racine, Wisconsin where the lucky winners will eat at a restaurant of their choice, which might be the touted Jose’s Blue Sombrero. Enter at the restaurant. That’s where we meet in the mid-afternoon, one of the only times the restaurant is quiet. Read More