New ONLINE Demo for the ordering system

New Real Time Features

Pulse Real-Time users….Take a look at the newest features available!

Guest Tile Count Drilldown


You asked and we delivered! Now you can drill down into the guest count tile. What does that mean to you? You can compare guest count by hour or day part and schedule your staff when you need them! It’s simple! View guest count by hour in an easy to read graph and with the swipe of a finger you can see the guest count by day part. (Please note: the guest count uses the check open time as the hour that guest check is opened).         




Guest Check Average



Use the new Guest Check Average tile for a quick and easy way to see the average guest check and PPA (Per Person Average) at your restaurant. You now have a quick way to see how your team members are doing. Tapping the tile will reveal the guest check average by server as well as that server’s PPA. Do you want to see more detail? Just tap on the server’s name to view his or her checks.            





Employee Efficiency Details


With the new Employee Efficiency details screen you can see how your employees rank compared to each other.  You will now notice a number in parenthesis that represents the number of guest checks used in the computation.  Coming Soon: You will be able to select /deselect job codes that are included in this tile              





Net Sales by Hour

You can now predict the future with net sales by hour. Ok, maybe not but you can understand a better sales forecast for your restaurant. The net sales by hour view now shows you the sales for last year and last week throughout the rest of the day. Contact BECPOS today ….Email Here