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New Aloha Manager: What Is It?

New Aloha Manager: What Is ItBeginning with the release of Aloha POS v7.0, an all-new version of Aloha Manager was introduced. New Aloha Manager (NAM) is more than just a design change; it is the next-generation of NCR’s award winning POS data management software. 

The New Aloha Manager (NAM) includes significant advancements in functionality as well as an improved user interface, all of which provide maximum productivity. NAM retains the same overall functionality with which you are familiar in previous versions of Aloha Manager and adds new and exciting features (as well as moving some familiar functionality to new locations).

When you become so accustomed to performing a task that you feel you could do it with your eyes closed, it can be quite a shock to think you may have to learn how to perform that task all over again. NCR kept this in mind when they designed New Aloha Manager. NCR’s goal was to make sure you could still quickly perform the tasks you need to manage data for your operation. The intent was to help you perform those tasks in a more efficient manner. The NAM interface gives you a smaller learning curve because once you understand how to navigate and enter data in the new screen layout, you can quickly resume the same day-to-day functions for your operation as you maintain POS data for your organization.  

New Aloha Manager: Getting Started
This is a downloadable guide that shows some of the differences between the interfaces of old Aloha and (NAM). This guide covers things like the new search function, new sorting options, how to get more online help, and new panel editor options. It’s recommended to cover this information before beginning the videos as well as to keep a copy for future reference. 

New Aloha Manager: Test Drive
Want to know what New Aloha Manager looks like and how you can get the new interface? It’s easy! Simply follow the link below to test drive some common Aloha Manager functions via three short BEC eLearning videos and then fill out the Acknowledgement of Completion form and your restaurant will placed in the queue to get scheduled for the new interface. 

Log into BEC eLearning with the Username: “NewAloha” and the Password:  “Manager” (no quotes on either). 
Once in the site, click on link that says “Transitioning to NAM TS” at the top of the page. 

Aloha Manager from BEC POS 
New Aloha Manager Comparison Guide: Don’t forget to remind your fellow managers about the upcoming change and share the link to the videos with them!