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NCR Silver Bundle
Everything you need to start selling using your iPad.
• NCR Swivel Stand for iPad 2 or iPad 3 (iPad not included)
• Credit Card Reader
• 16” Cash Drawer
• Thermal Receipt Printer
NCR Silver Scanner and Credit Card Reader

NCR Silver Scanner and Credit Card Reader . Available for iPhone or iPod
NCR Silver Scanner and Credit Card Reader
The NCR Silver Scanner and Credit Card Reader is a sleek enclosure that enables your iPhone or iPod touch device to scan barcodes and includes a credit card reader that makes accepting credit card payments simple.

Credit Card Reader

Credit Card Reader (included in the iPad Register Bundle)
NCR Silver Credit Card Reader
Leverage the power of your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch at any time without the worries of handling or storing sensitive card data. NCR Silver is a secure card reader that delivers secure encryption of card data to maximize data protection and prevent the use of counterfeit cards.

Mobile Printer

Mobile Printer
NCR Silver Mobile Printer
Need the ability to print receipts away from the store? The NCR Silver mobile receipt printer provides ruggedness and reliability in a small, compact and portable package that can be attached to your belt.

Receipt Printer (included in the iPad Register Bundle)

Receipt Printer (included in the iPad Register Bundle)
Print receipts quickly and easily load paper with the Thermal Liquid-Barrier™ front exit printer. This printer connects to your wireless router directly through an Ethernet cable, or wirelessly with included wireless dongle. Auto cuts receipts and comes with a built-in power supply, paper near end sensor, paper end sensor and cover open sensor.

16" Cash Drawer  (included in the iPad Register Bundle)

16″ Cash Drawer  (included in the iPad Register Bundle)
Increase the effectiveness of your workstation with the 16” Cash Drawer. This cash drawer features reliable and durable drawers and high security locking. The removable till allows cash to be removed from the sales floor to a more secure location for counting and creating bank deposits.

NCR Swivel Stand

NCR Swivel Stand (iPad not included) (included in the iPad Register Bundle)
The perfect stand for your iPad 2 or newer. Securely holds your iPad while giving you the freedom to rotate the device 360 degrees. Tilt screen in either direction to easily ring up sales or capture customer signatures. Your iPad stand consists of a sturdy steel frame that is strong enough to stand on its own or permanently attach to your counter. It also includes a magnetized bottom for a secure attachment to your cash drawer with no hardware necessary.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
This barcode scanner wirelessly connects to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with NCR Silver. Barcode scanning helps speed up the checkout process and offers the ability for you to easily sell and report at the item level. And, if you forgot to setup a barcode with an item, NCR Silver can lead you through the process of adding a barcode or new item directly on the POS as soon as you scan a barcode not on file.

WiFi adapter for wired printer

NCR Silver WiFi adapter for wired printer
Print from anywhere in your store to your NCR Silver Receipt Printer with this Wi-Fi adapter. Simply plug it in and connect the printer to your wireless network