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Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ Section

What devices does NCR Silver run on?

NCR Silver runs on Apple iOS 5.0 mobile devices like iPad (iPad 2 or New iPad), iPhone (iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s), or iPod touch (4th Generation). The NCR Silver app is available for purchase from BEC, and activated following registration with NCR Silver . Register as many devices as you would like and use any combination simultaneously within your store or away from your store.

What other equipment do I need?

If you need to print receipts, collect cash, swipe credit cards or scan barcodes, BEC can provide you the necessary equipment that works with the compatible NCR Silver devices. Contact the BEC team at 303-623-1143 ext 1041 for hardware pricing.

How long before I receive my equipment?

New Equipment orders through BEC placed by 12pm EST are shipped FedEx ground and will leave that day. New equipment orders placed by BEC after 12pm EST will be shipped FedEx ground and leave the next business day. 
5-7 business days to receive hardware.

What options are available for credit card processing?

NCR Silver offers integrated credit card processing that includes online, automated credit card settlement and secure end-to-end encryption to ensure protection of credit card data for the retailer and the consumer

What are the other requirements to operate NCR Silver  ?

You must have internet connectivity (utilizing either Wi-Fi or a data plan from your mobile device service provider) for your NCR Silver devices and to access the NCR Silver back-office. Wi-Fi is required to connect the NCR Silver device with a receipt printer and cash drawer in a store. 

How much does the NCR Silver  software cost?

NCR Silver is offered on a monthly subscription of $79 per month for the first device and includes access to the back-office. Additional devices can be added at a rate of only $0.10 per transaction with a maximum charge of no more than $29 per additional device, per month.

What is included as part of the subscription?

Registering for NCR Silver provides for the ability to perform transactions from anywhere on the devices registered, along with unlimited access to the back-office for set-up, real-time reporting and customer marketing. In addition, the subscription fee also covers ongoing software support whenever needed, plus hardware replacement for any of the equipment purchased from NCR.

What other transaction-related costs is the retailer responsible for?

The retailer will be responsible for ongoing costs associated with credit card processing fees from the merchant services provider plus internet connectivity charges.

How do I register for NCR Silver and purchase the hardware?

Contact the BEC NCR Silver team at 303-623-1143 ext 1041 to start the registration process. Our team of customer care advisers will help you order the equipment you need and gather the information required to get started with NCR Silver . You will then receive a “Welcome Email” with all of the login details you need to begin using NCR Silver .

How long does it take to be up and running on NCR Silver?

You can be setup and ready to sell in an hour. Call BEC first, then download the app, set-up your items, employees and store information using our Quick Tip instructions and getting started guide, and you are ready to go. Any additional equipment ordered can be easily set up when it arrives

Is Merchant Processing available if we do not have one or if we want to change ?
BEC can also help you with your merchant processing needs. Contact the BEC NCR Silver team 303-623-1143 ext 1041