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Laptops Donated to school

Just wanted to let you know that today I donated the computers to this school in Melchor de Mencos, Peten, accompanied by $$$$ USD thanks to your donation to MAI. The name of the school is Escuela Barrio Vista Hermosa, possibly the poorest in this town of limited means. They will be using the funds for the construction of a library/computer lab. Thanks to you for helping us foster education and knowledge of maya culture in this community. Francisco

*** We donated the laptops and some money. Francisco Estrada-Belli is the archeologist that we traveled with and he is the one that is going to be giving the school the laptops and he will be sending us some photos when he does. He is currently getting some books together to build a library for them. I am also working on getting some books to donate to them (preferably Spanish). Thank you, Mike Romero BEC ***