Pulse – A Product with incredible ADVANTAGES

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Pulse is a mobile platform that extends a site’s core technology to industry leading mobile operating platforms. There is free and paid content within Pulse. Designed with business owners in mind, Pulse provides delivery of enhanced mobile content for existing NCR applications as well as new solutions designed to provide information to make better decisions, faster. Real time data everywhere.

Pulse Real-Time embraces the idea of delivering actionable information in real time to a user’s smartphone. Operators experience the nirvana of knowing exactly what is going on in the business, regardless of where they are. By turning data collected from the POS system into actionable information, operators can immediately make decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

Pulse - A Product with incredible ADVANTAGES Pulse - A Product with incredible ADVANTAGES
Pulse - A Product with incredible ADVANTAGES Click the PDF Icon for the latest case study on Pulse! NEW REAL TIME FEATURES…..Read More


News Feed: Spread the word. Broadcast pertinent information about your operation to your team; new product launches, important announcements, promotions. Other applets also feed information into News (ex: Real – Time alerts).

Real – Time: Actionable information at your fingertips. Allows operators to manage key performance metrics effectively and on-the-go.

Customer Voice: Get feedback. Identifies the profit impact that happy and unhappy customers have on the bottom line. Turns happy customers (promoters) into an unpaid sales force to help grow business through social media channels, using them as a referral service for the brand.

Messages: Connect. A messaging platform to communicate with other members of the operation about hot topics in the business.

Support: Help on the go. Access the Pulse support team from the application.

Login Authenticator: Stay Secure. Provides a dual factor authentication application for use with Secure Access and Command Center. Replaces the need for text messaging or RSA dongles for dual factor security.

Restaurant Guard: Improving business through prevention. Robust employee metrics and theft detection provide proactive and reactive measures for improving performance.

uCheck: Your check … you are in control. Improves consumer-server interactions, makes the dining experience more efficient and increases restaurant revenue per check. Page your server, add items, socialize the experience and request your check; all from your mobile device. Integrates with mobile payment and Customer Voice for a more robust consumer experience.

Social News: What they are saying. Hear what’s being said about your operation on social media sites.

Mobile Pay: Pay on the go. Pay from your mobile device when you want, how you want. Integrates with uCheck.

My Notes: Take a note. A notepad application for all those important thoughts.

Settings: Have it your way. Settings to configure the Pulse platform and applications as you like it.