Customer Voice

NCR Customer Voice at Becpos.comNCR Customer Voice is a web-based customer loyalty, retention and a referral tool based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the Ultimate Question.Customer Voice exists for the sole purpose of improving your bottom line by identifying the profit impact that happy and unhappy customers have on your business.You will receive the tools you need to turn your happy customers into an unpaid sales force to help you grow your business. The tool also leverages the power of Social Media channels and uses them as a referral service.

Marketing: Activating Promoters to Spread the Word

Your Promoters (those that rate either a 9 or 10) have the ability to “Spread the Word” through Social Media channels. Did you know a lead from a trusted source is six times likelier to turn into a new customer? • Allows your Promoters to act as an unpaid sales force by “Spreading the Word” through    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email • Prospective Business is generated when a recommendation has occurred and a new    customer’s information has been captured • Track the exact dollar amount associated with your Prospective Business

Voice of the Customer

Helps you understand the details behind what is being said about your business. • Captures words gathered from the second question in the free flow comment box • Tailored to identify key words associated to the restaurant industry • This report is based on algorithms which read with more than 90% accuracy • Performance percentage associated with each key word and gives you the ability to drill    down and focus on growth opportunities

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