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Backed by NCR, a global provider of point of sale technology to the hospitality and retail industries, NCR Merchant Solutions helps businesses like yours safely and efficiently process customer transactions and leverage the information related to those transactions. From the time a transaction is made through settlement of funds, we manage the entire transaction process. As a result, you have fewer points of contact with fewer opportunities for error – while benefiting from heightened security, competitive and transparent pricing and an integrated, end-to-end solution that is easier to implement and manage.


From authorization to settlement, NCR Merchant Solutions merchants have access to the most robust payment options available – including everything necessary to accommodate the nearly one billion credit cards now in the hands of American consumers. NCR Merchant Solutions provides access to all major credit card associations including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® and JCB® Radiant Payment Services utilizes a nationwide payment infrastructure backed by fully redundant data centers that use precise load-sharing technology to maximize your protection against processing downtime.

By accepting credit cards, you will attract more customers, increase your average sales and speed up the check-out process. Debit and credit cards also do a better job of protecting you as a merchant, allowing you to avoid potential losses associated with fraudulent checks and the risks of running your operations with large amounts of cash in your restaurant.


Up to 40% of all card transactions are made with a debit card. By offering debit, your customers can still purchase goods and services without having cash or a checkbook handy – and without incurring debt by using a credit card. Your customers also have the added convenience of getting cash back on purchases, while you have increased protection against chargebacks.


Increase Profits: The average debit purchase is approximately 17% higher than cash purchases. Debit acceptance can also increase impulse purchases because customers do not need cash, a checkbook or a credit card.

Reduce Fraud: Requiring the entry of a customer’s secret Personal Identification Number (PIN) helps reduce fraudulent card usage.

Improve Customer Flow-Through: PIN-secured debit cards do not require businesses to record driver’s license and phone numbers, which can speed up the checkout process.


Consumers still like to write checks, so it’s important that your business accept them. But how can you help protect your profits against fraud? By partnering with Certegy, a worldwide provider of premier check services, NCR Merchant Solutions offers your business protection against bad or fraudulent checks. You can more confidently accept checks while allowing your check- writing customers to use their preferred method of payment. Electronic Check Capture (ECC) also provides faster funding from checks. Out-of-state checks can take up to a week to fund, but using ECC these checks will be funded in 24-36 hours.


Enabling a Web site with a shopping cart allows a business to accept credit card payments for online purchases.


This Web-based service allows businesses to charge recurring payments to a customer’s credit card or through ACH from a customer’s bank account in set intervals. Business owners define the amount and number of payments in any interval they choose.


NCR Merchant Solutions recognizes that you need information to make sound management decisions. You want this information in ways that gives you the flexibility to use it, manipulate it and interpret it. Online reporting provides you with simple, flexible and secure ways to access your data for benchmarking and analysis. Through Web-based reporting, you can retrieve whatever processing records you need, then view and print them, or export them directly to your PC.


The presence of a traditional POS terminal isn’t always desirable in certain business environments. We can provide customers the ability to accept credit card transactions through an existing computer that has an Internet connection. Add support for swiped (face-to-face) transactions by simply attaching an inexpensive mag-stripe reader – also available through Radiant Payment Services.


NCR’s gift card programs are a fast, simple way for businesses to capitalize on existing customers and bring in new customers, stimulating revenue growth. Remaining card balances bring customers back and increase ticket size. Gift cards also allow you to retain revenue on returns by avoiding cash-back situations.


Repeat customers are the lifeblood of running a business. Successful merchants are turning to electronic frequency and loyalty programs to deliver targeted rewards and incentives that stimulate repeat business and increase store traffic. Our customer loyalty programs enable you to create programs that reward your customers for doing business with you.


Credit Card Processing for today’s business at Becpos.comCredit Card Processing for today’s business at Becpos.comCredit Card Processing for today’s business at Becpos.comCredit Card Processing for today’s business at Becpos.comCredit Card Processing for today’s business at