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Everything You Wanted To Know About EMV, But Were Afraid To Ask
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EMV:  Good Information From Around the Web

EMV:  Good Information From Around the Web

Need more info? If you Google ‘EMV’, you get back millions upon millions of hits related to the Europay, Mastercard and Visa liability shift. But what you don’t get is whether or not the information is reliable. Below are some links that we have scoured the web to source. They are accurate, complete and easy to understand.


FAQs from one of the leaders of the EMV push


A site dedicated to banking and payments technologies with an article about US readiness for EMV


WSJ story about EMV and the end of the magnetic swipe card


8 FAQs about the new EMV credit cards. Chip? PIN? Signature? Will my old card work? What you need to know.


A blog with information about basic EMV concepts, technology, and terminology. The focus is on acquirers, processors, and issuers in the United States.

EMV may not be the solution to all the data breach woes:
No silver bullet solution to credit card fraud:  Word is out that banks and retailers are racing to meet an October 2015 deadline for U.S. retailers to accept new “chip” credit cards. The cards are a big improvement over the magnetic strip cards we use now…..Read More Here

EMV:  NCR Connected Payments

http://www.becpos.com/connectedpayments   ( NCR’s most recent brochure about Connected Payments.)

What Is It | Does Aloha Have A Solution For Me | What Does It Mean For Me | EMV Myths Debunked |  FAQ’s | Terminology | More Info