PDF Brochures and Information

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Here you will find a complete index of all PDF downloadable brochures available on all of our products and services. If you have any questions, please call us at the number listed.

NCR – Aloha PDF Brochures

pdf-icon3   1515 Terminal for Restaurant and Retail
pdf-icon3   1230 and 1550 Terminals
pdf-icon3   Aloha Kitchen – Add value to your kitchen operations (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Command Center – Taking control of your operations
pdf-icon3   Configuration Center (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Connect – Strong partnerships create loyal, happy clients  (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Guest Manager
pdf-icon3   Hardware  (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Insights – Increase the visibility and control of your operations
pdf-icon3   Kitchen (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Loyalty
pdf-icon3   Mobile Pay – Increase speed of service
pdf-icon3   Online Ordering (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Pulse Real-Time – actionable information at your fingertips?  (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Quick Service POS – Boost restaurant service and sales
pdf-icon3   Restaurant Guard – Real-time monitoring and alerts are the best defense  (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Restaurant Guard Case Study (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Stored Value – stored value cards to improve restaurant profitability (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Table Service POS – Powerful POS capabilities the main course for table service (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Takeout – curbside with new POS capabilitiy (Coming Soon)
pdf-icon3   Terminals (Coming Soon)