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The BEC Advantage: Leading the Pack for Hospitality Systems

The restaurant business can be brutal.

The BEC Advantage: Leading the Pack for Hospitality SystemsOf course, business management of any kind has never been easy, but the foodservice industry offers a unique set of challenges. Managing guest relations and keeping an eye on product quality can be a never-ending battle. Maintaining staffing levels and providing adequate training can be a test of even the most seasoned management professional’s patience.

And then there is that constant attack on your profit margins. ‘Brutal’ doesn’t even begin to describe what the ‘margin gremlins’ can do to your operation’s profitability. Portioning, wastage, shrinkage, overtime, and cash accountability can all attack your bottom line. And what was it that your competition did this week to put “butts in chairs,” anyway? Weren’t those ‘butts’ in your chairs last week?

For decades the foodservice industry has relied on the control offered by POS (point of sale) to ensure bottom line performance. Emerging technologies, when paired with policy and procedure, have long been proven to increase profit margins.

Recognizing the industry’s unique needs, hundreds of developers have spent billions of dollars developing technology products to address everything from table management and web based reservation systems, to online ordering for your pick-up and delivery customers. There has been a virtual explosion of “solutions” for foodservice professionals ranging from electronic cash registers and touch screen point of sale systems, to perpetual inventory and labor management software products. New, full-color ‘order confirmation display systems’, ‘kitchen production systems’ and even ‘interactive customer display’ hardware devices are driving interest in newly enhanced software functionality. Recent developments with fully integrated electronic gift card services and customer loyalty programs are leading the newest wave of innovation for foodservice POS and information systems VARs (Value-Added Resellers).

It seems as though a new ‘solution’ appears almost everyday, purporting to solve one, or all, of the challenges foodservice professionals face. It takes a lot of time to sort out feature-sets and check for compatibility and/or interoperability with your current systems… not to mention getting your people trained and ready to adopt the new ‘solution.’

You need someone in your corner with the experience, knowledge and a ‘Positively Outstanding Solution.’ With a combined restaurant industry experience of over 120 years, BEC’s 40+ employees know how to “Put the Value back in VAR” with Aloha POS software products. As hospitality industry professionals, with certification in Aloha’s vast suite of software products and services, BEC’s sales team is ready to help you bundle your system’s configuration to best suit your operation’s needs.

BEC sells, supports and services hardware from NCR, Symbol, APG, Dell, MS, Epson, Netgear and several other manufactures.

BEC has been NCR’s System’s largest reseller of Aloha POS software and NCR hardware products in the world! BEC again won the Aloha Cup from NCR at the recent FOCUS 2016 Aloha Conference for a 11th year running. (Check our awards section)

Started in 1971 as an electronic calculator and cash register company, Business Equipment Consultants (BEC) began early on to build its reputation as a service-oriented company. Audrey Borski, President of BEC, said, “Creating customer loyalty with our positive service attitude is what has driven our growth both as a company and as individuals. BEC’s 45 years of success is due largely to its commitment to providing ongoing service and support to its ever-growing list of satisfied customers.”

BEC is proud to have sold over 4000 licenses around the country. Let us help you with your next POS system.

You can visit BEC’s offices at 5610 Ward Rd Suite 200, Arvada, CO, or you can call us at (800) 400-1143 toll free, or (303) 623-1143 local, metro Denver.