Beginning with the release of Aloha POS v7.0, an all-new version of Aloha Manager was introduced. New Aloha Manager (NAM) is more than just a design change; it is the next-generation of NCR’s award winning POS data management software. The New Aloha Manager (NAM) includes significant advancements in functionality as well as an improved user interface, all of which provide maximum productivity. NAM retains the same overall functionality with which you are familiar in previous versions of Aloha Manager and adds new and exciting features (as well as moving some familiar functionality to new locations).

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe

At Cheddar's, our goal is to live up to an original, simple idea: be a great restaurant that serves quality food fresh from the kitchen in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere at a fair price.Aurora15775 E. Briarwood CircleAurora, CO, 80016Phone: (303) 699-9800 MenuColorado Springs1140 Interquest … [Read More...]

Japango ReOpening

Patti Simmons - Project Manager BECPOS Japango in on the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder has remodeled and reopened.  Proprietor, Jonathan Banis has expanded Japango and added 30% more tables.  The décor is fresh and new, complete with a huge  jellyfish tank in the center of the restaurant.  The new … [Read More...]

Windows XP End of Life

DO NOT FORGET THIS !!An era is passing. The venerable workhorse of personal computer operating systems Windows XP was removed from Microsoft’s list of supported operating systems on 8 April 2014. Announced in 2007, this end of support means Microsoft will no longer release any XP software updates, … [Read More...]

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cv8NCR Customer Voice
is a web-based customer loyalty, retention and a referral tool based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the Ultimate Question.Customer Voice exists for the sole purpose of improving your bottom line by identifying the profit impact that happy and unhappy customers have on your business.You will receive the tools you need to turn your happy customers into an unpaid sales force to help you grow your business. The tool also leverages the power of Social Media channels and uses them as a referral service.

Your Promoters (those that rate either a 9 or 10) have the ability to “Spread the Word” through Social Media channels. Did you know a lead from a trusted source is six times likelier to turn into a new customer? • Allows your Promoters to act as an unpaid sales force by “Spreading the Word” through    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email • Prospective Business is generated when a recommendation has occurred and a new    customer’s information has been captured • Track the exact dollar amount associated with your Prospective Business ... More Info Here